Just like other global brands like Google, Apple, Amazon and Disney, Unique Projects also started in a garage. 

We spent two really really cold winters grinding it out in this beautiful garage. We are so grateful for the experience there and how it gave us everything we needed to become the company we are today. Thank you!
Our Culture

Communication is number 1 - Clearly communicating with our team and our clients is the key to our success. Lack of communication leads to negative manifestation. We use our online management software to keep all of our communication in one place. Our clients log in on the other side and we're set.

 Be quick, don't hurry - We stress the importance of efficiency on the project. This doesn't mean rushing around to get the job done, it means planning and executing. 

 Respect, positive attitudes and fun - Come to work and enjoy life in the moment. 

Excellent Communication
We understand that a renovation is like a marriage, you must have open and clear communication to make it work. We do everything we can to set realistic expectations and ensure we are communicating clearly and often. Using our project management software we keep you updated during the entire process, from that first meeting to the final touch ups. You log into the dashboard on your end and stay up to date on selections, the schedule and change orders. Because everything is online you can get away and be out of town and still make the decisions and selections you need to keep the project moving forward.